About Me

I am Colby also known as ComputerTech. | You'll usually find me by finding broken stuff, which was probably broken by me. I am from Ireland, and I spend most of my time on IRC. I hold staff positions on multiple IRC networks, including TechNet, Rizon, DareNet, and others. My favorite hobbies are programming, scripting, and being a sysadmin.

class AboutMe:
    def __init__(self): = 'Colby'
        self.user = 'ComputerTech'
        self.age = '20'
        self.location = 'Northern Ireland'
        self.hobbies = ['Programming', 'Sysadmin']
        self.languages = ['Python', 'HTML', 'CSS', 'Javascript', 'TCL']
        self.timezone = ['UTC+1']
        self.projects = [
                'project': 'elitebot',
                'language': 'Python',
                'description': 'This is a Python-based IRC bot that is simple and doesn't use any third-party frameworks.'
                'project': 'ninjawall',
                'language': 'Python',
                'description': 'A user-friendly utility that optimizes the manipulation of iptables for efficient management of network traffic.'

My top used languages that i use.